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First playable release is now available on our website! And what's next in the pipeline for the development of DSS. Also thanks! <3

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Hi everyone!

We've made our first major milestone! The first playable release is a proof of concept which give an idea of what is DSS and where it is going as well as showing that the game is real! The F.P. release will not go in steam EA yet as I feel - and probably most of you - that steam early access should be for games that are close to being completed, which is not the case for Deep Space Settlement.

However, if you would like to grab this build and try it out, give feedback and have you voice heard on the development of DSS, you may get the "Lieutenant" package which give access to the game right now! Head over Dss.stephanierct.com to get it.

So what's next?
Next up is adding more feature basically. I am listing the upcoming feature on our website's forum. Check it out, comment & suggest right there ->Stephanierct.com


Finally, thanks everyone for your support and patience on the development of DSS. The F.P. release is the fruit of many years of engine and game development and is a very important achievement. A special thank to everyone who got/will get the FP release and help me spot bugs/issues through feedback and play tests. You are awesome! <3


felipehc - - 22 comments

COngratulations on this! Looking GREAT so far!

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Vladiskov - - 384 comments


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Aetherial87 - - 449 comments

Good news! :)

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23-down - - 3,568 comments

Wow the prices in demand are totally unrealistic. I guess some of you folks developing are still in school and therefore don't know the value of money nowadays.. Some people work an entire month for what you wish for Fleet admiral for instance.. Even 30 bucks for an alpha release is impertinent unless these people also gain access to the full game once released but there's no indication that they do. it's simply put unreasonable.

Consider this constructive criticism. So far I'm quite fond of your project but this is just ridiculous. That's more something you would expect from EA but not a small indie dev.

Anyway congrats on reaching the milestone. :)

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Guest - - 692,817 comments

may Triple A developers charge just as much and usually do not deliver as fun a game. In fact Paradox Interactive just released (MAy 9th) a new game Stellaris that had the same tiers of release for the same price points software development while decreasing in price is actually get more expensive to do because we the consumer are demanding more in our games

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