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Just some info about me and the game itself (i'm Finn so sorry about spelling errors)

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So as the title and summary says i'm going to give you guys some info about me and the game.

About me
I'm 14 years old so i have school too so updates will come but will not come really frequently.
I suck at drawing and making graphics so don't expect a lot of great art from me :P
About the game
What can i say about it i pretty much explained it all in About me section but there still is something to tell, i have had problems with coding and art both so the delay of the news after this will be pretty big
also when i'm ready i'm going to choose some people to just beta test my game (if they want that is) but you can apply right now too i will put the form to apply below.

first race of the game so far:

Apply form for future beta testers:
Email (just so i can give you the game):
Skype (not necessary):

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