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Post news RSS First 'Insection' video! A pre-alpha teaser walk around of one of the levels

A small walk around the level to show off some of the work we've done so far on this level.

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I feel like the environment is a bit too open, but it really depends on if the people get to play as the Bugs too, because open environments would be a disadvantage for them while closed environments is a disadvantage for the humans.

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Or maybe the other way around, Idk...

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Insection Author

This is just part of one of the levels.
Being a 4-player co-op you need enough space in this particular level to fight off the hordes. Also, there will be quite a few enemies so there has to be enough space again so your way won't be entirely blocked and swarmed.

There will be corridor parts in the levels though, if you're wondering for that too :)

Thanks a lot for your constructive comment!

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Versus is on the cards - as is another mode that will really show the use of open space - not to mention survival mode.
But the real advantage of Insection is open spaces like canyons, large caves, military complexes and mining operations as well as tight areas: mining shafts, buildings, even space stations.

We will feature a healthy mix of open and corridor like spaces. When bugs are in the open they will have numbers.

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