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Such game comes to the wide screens for the first time! Dynamic arcade antistress shooter. Swipe across the screen to control the cannon, catch boosts and destroy all the balls on the screen. Go through thousands of levels and enjoy the spectacular colors of explosions and blasts. Collect coins and gems, upgrade fire speed and damage. Buy the most powerful homing missiles, they will help you a lot with the bosses. By the way… Fight with the boss every 5 levels, don't get bored.

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Hi, game developers! It's my first game made by Unity.

Ball Blast Reborn is a classic arcade timekiller. You have to use the touch to control the firing cannon and destroy the balls flying at it from two sides. Along the way, earning coins and gems. As the levels progress, the complexity of the game will increase, so the characteristics of the cannon will have to be improved and upgraded, boosts flying from time to time will also help you, from freezing time to a missile salvo.

For various achievements, game backgrounds are opened, and for gems you can buy cool skins for cannon in the game store and get interesting abilities indefinitely.

In addition, every 5 levels you have to battle with the boss, there are only 5 types, after that they begin to repeat. From the current feedback, I already realized that there are few bosses, so in the next update, in a couple of weeks, I'm going to make at least 2-3 more bosses so that their varieties don't end so quickly.

Art for the game was completely drawn in Adobe Illustrator. Well, there's nothing more to add, I hope it turned out interesting. But of course I still have room to grow, I understand that very well.

I am very pleased with the development process, the resulting game and the acquired skills. There is some kind of magic in the creation of games, most likely, such magic is inherent in any creativity, but I chose games for myself, and I really enjoy creating them. And Unity is a great engine to make cool stuff easier.

Further plans to breathe some more life into this game with updates and start the next projects. That's all, I will be glad to hear an opinion, feedback and comments, thanks.

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