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Read this please - this is really important for us!

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First we really want to thank you for supporting our project. All YouTubers and sites that helped us (without any profit!) are simply the best! Special thanks to 1ndieworld.com (Dzięki ziomy!;)) and indieDB.com community (thank you for Rank 1 and a lot of great reviews). Also special thanks to whole “Warcraft 3 TFT Community” for supporting us on facebook.

Now some real announcements:

1 – We are 94 at Steam Greenlight!

2 – Game was downloaded way over 100 000 times (only from mirrors provided by us and our friends – who knows how many copies were sent between you guys :)) and still rising!

3 – As you can see title of our game has changed from “Haunt: The Real Slender Game” to “Haunt”. Why? Because we have never thought that this game will be so popular and we invented previous name without care. It was like “ok, who gives a s(&? The real Slender game? Ok, just upload it and lets get some beer…” Now we care and really sorry all of you that felt offended by our sub-title.

4 – Some of you probably know that we are professionals hired “somewhere in unknown company”. Haunt was a small adventure that gave us a lot of fun and adrenaline while testing 0.9(beta) release. We never had a plan to continue this development in any way (even putting our game into Steam Greenlight was an impulse!), that is why we have invented “ParanormalDev” group. Just for a while, to make some fun with “slender-kind games” that we all really love!

But things changed. We felt in love with idea of our free indie horror game. For now it’s kind of a rip-off with some additions (great additions! ;)) and we would love to transform it into really big, independent horror game. We have tons of ideas that never showed up in game industry (maybe because there is general luck of horror games on the market) and we just have to realize them!

We decided to continue this project – soon we will release Haunt 1.0 Release that will include:

- Fixes for all bugs you have mentioned
- Raised “Slender” agro at Gamer and Paranormal difficulties
- Improved environment (with more characteristic points near crossroads)
- Some sound FX improvements (NO! LEAVE THE HORSE-DOORS!)
- Player “pawn” will be added (check our newest screenshots)
- Ultra-Vision prototype (in fact it’s useless in this game for this moment… but looks nice! )
- New main menu

After release 1.0 we are going to start development of “Haunt: we will better think about sub-title this time…” which is going to push this game onto new level and will no longer talk about “Mark Slender”. New story, new places, new nightmares to discover… and we will do anything to keep our next game free as well! Creating good quality games isn’t easy, and if you want to support actual versions of Haunt as well as upcoming “Haunt: we will blah blah” – you can share this game, media and/or donate at our site: Haunt-slendergame.com (Our new site will be on-line soon. In meantime use the old one: www.old.haunt-slendergame.com)

Last thing that we have to say – yesterday RapidShare and some other download links were blocked by providers… “Too many connections – account suspended”. You are crazy! At the moment all accounts are unlocked and you can use GameFront, GameFront Files, RapidShare, MediaFire, indieDB and 1ndieworld mirrors again! Yay!

It’s all for now – hope we will stay together long time supporting freeware and indie!

Kind regards,
ParanormalDev Team

PS – one more thing, we hate facebook but… well, yeah, it’s a shame, but you can click “Like It” if you want… ok, we would love to meet you there ;) Facebook.com

PS.2 – please, give us some time for logo update on all banners, artworks, icons etc. This may take a few days. We will leave all links as they are, so you don’t have to worry that because of re-branding our game it will be harder to find. And as we can see facebook account has above 200 likes and we can’t change the name – hope it won’t confuse anyone :)


Congratz Guys! I will continue to support you in any way that I can.

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