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1. Improving the mechanics of the game 2. Adding and fixing some processes 3. we're working on the first animation scene that explains how it all started. It will give you an understanding of how you should act in this scary place filled with unknowns and secrets.

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Hello Indiedb!
How are you doing? Good to see you :)

It's been a full week since we met, which means I'm rushing to tell you about the work we've done this week and the plans for next week:
• So, we are still working hard to improve the mechanics of the game in Afterlife VR, adding comments and suggestions from our players.
• In addition, we are actively developing the first animated scene at the beginning of the game, which will tell us a little bit about the unforgettable story that you have to go through.

Afterlife VR 6

• This scene will tell us how and how young policeman Adam Bernhard found himself in this scary place - the psychiatric hospital "Black Rose". It will help you understand how dangerous this place is and how it has many secrets that you will have to uncover.

Afterlife VR 7

That's all the news that we thought you would find useful for today :)
Next week we will meet with you again. If you don't mind? :)

Afterlife VR logo

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Have a great week!

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