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This article contains a small overview of what we have planned for our first alpha play test.

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The first alpha test.

We are currently working on Development Alpha, which will be an in-house team testing stage to see where we are at currently as far as stability and gameplay go. We have already made major progress and we estimate that In about 3-4 months we will hopefully have moved up to Alpha, which will be an open alpha for anyone to download and join. This will primarily be a stability test, but it will also be a feedback test.

This alpha will be completely free to play for all players with no strings attatched. The only requirement we have is that we ask the players to provide feedback on things that need to be improved, such as the combat system, jutsu, general gameplay etc.

Lobby style and arena

For the First Alpha we will be using Lobby style arena combat. This will be a 4 V 4 Team arena battle, with an open arena specifically set for testing different styles of ninja combat. There will be terrain open for wall running, stealth, and open combat. Use any and all advantages you can find to defeat the other team within the necessary time, or hold more points over them before the timer runs out.


There will be 5 basic jutsu in this Alpha

- Substitution:
The most basic of the 5 jutsu available is the Substitution jutsu, capable of getting the player out of
almost any situation quickly. The player will create a puff of smoke and will be teleported to the location where they initially set their invisible marker. It drains a moderate amount of chakra.

- Fire: Fireball
There will be a basic offensive Fireball jutsu fired from the users mouth, powerful and large, but certainly not the fastest of the jutsu available. This will be a very basic style of fire
jutsu and is the most powerful of the 3 offensive jutsu available. It drains a high amount of chakra.

- Water: Water Bullet
This will be one of the fastest jutsu available, but not the most powerful of the offensive jutsu available. This jutsu will fire a burst of water bullets from the users mouth and is the
3rd most powerfull of the 3 offensive jutsu available. While holding down the left mouse button, this jutsu fires a constant stream of water blasts until the user releases the left mouse button or runs out of chakra. It drains a very moderate amount of chakra.

- Earth: Earth Dome
This will be a defensive Earth Dome Jutsu, the user will create a hardened stone dome around themselves, shielding them from most attacks, but draining chakra very quickly. Can also be used to trap someone with you and finish them off.

- Lightning: Lightning Katana
A lightning style jutsu, shaped and formed around a katana, it is used to help with slashing and stabbing attacks, and will penetrate very deep. The 2nd most powerful of the offensive jutsu available. It drains a small amount of chakra constantly, but once the user has been hit the flow of chakra will be stopped and they will have to re-activate it.


The basic ninja tools, such as Kunai and Shuriken will be used in this alpha, along with explosive kunai and smoke bombs. A basic Katana will also be useable by players.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Shinobi Project Group
Author : Dr.Acula - Public relations


I want to ask if in the Alpha we will have the access at all justus or we will have to choose a class?
And we will be able to customize our character?
Thank you!

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