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Want to play a 2D Side Scrolling Fortress Defense game with block building game play? Check out the free alpha!

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Download the Alpha today!


I'm supremely, physically, and sickeningly proud to announce the first public alpha release of King
Randall's Party. Following Notch's advice on Minecraft, where he says that the biggest barrier to entry for new products is the cost, the King Randall's Party alpha will also be free for the time being. A lot of the core components of the game are in place, but it still needs a lot of work, and I'm hoping that you guys can have some fun playing it - while also at the same time providing feedback which I can use to make the game better!

Alpha 0.13

Like I mention above, King Randall's Party still has a long way to go, so there is still a tons of room for peoples' ideas and feedback to make it into the game. I'm really looking forward to getting a wider audience playing the game and BREAKING IT INTO PIECES.

Here is the download link. While the first couple levels do a little teaching in how to play, they are still incomplete, so a how-to with the controls and some cheats is in the installation zip.

Also, I don't have any forums up yet where people can post feedback and communicate with each other as a community. For the time being, please just e-mail me at support@gorillatactic.com!

New Artwork Screenshots

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