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King Randall's Party is a side-scrolling fortress defense game where you build your defenses block by block, from the ground up, to defend the Royal Treasury from... the King! King Randall MCXXXVIII has just been crowned and has decided to throw a massive coronation party in celebration. You, playing as the Royal Treasurer, cannot allow the kingdoms precious funds from being spent in such a frivolous manner; the King must be stopped!


The first official Alpha release of King Randall's Party! I'm hoping you will all tear it to shreds!

Alpha 0.13

Hello, I have some things to say
- nice music
- nice idea for a tower defender
- enemy AI is very poor, almost all times they stuck by a single block, making them an easy kill

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GorillaOne Author

Thanks Pepe. The AI has some kinks to workout. A lot of the time they are doing something smart (they are waiting for someone to come along and build a ladder), but they LOOK stupid just waiting, so that's the impression they give.

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Perhaps make them run back and forth while waiting? In order to dodge arrows and make themselves harder targets?

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