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Post news RSS Finished The Engine (In A Month!) And Kickstarter Going Live Soon!

In one month I added a GUI system, Lua scripting, Custom C bindings, Shading language, Level editors, Menus, Level loaders, JVM memory management, And upgraded the light engine to a PBR based lighting engine.

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So it's been a hefty month, Been working very hard to finish the engine as fast as possible for a kickstarter demo.

It's been a whole month now since I started working on the new engine (around Apr 26 2016); I spent most of it upgrading to new and more efficient systems that would provide a user friendly game making experience. I added node based processing effects, Lua scripting, A PBR lighting system, Custom made C bindings for faster and more efficient loading times (and more features in the futures), Menus and GUI, Resizeable windows, Material editors, etc.. So many more features that I cannot list all of them in one post! Maybe in a future video as I'm better at talking than I am at writing (I'm just too lazy honestly, Which is ironic considering I'm a programmer.).

Now that I'm quiet ready to make a few demos to proudly put on the kickstarter page and publish on youtube as well, The kickstarter will go live this month hopefully. You can go here if you want to be notified when the kickstarter goes live!

And now it's time for some pictures!

I decided to create a little minecraft-esque looking world with some textures from my old game Vera, So without further-ado:

Kraken Engine SCKraken Engine SC 2Kraken Engine SC3Kraken Engine SC4Kraken Engine SC5

I removed the shadows and enabled a slight SSAO effect to stay true to the voxel style!

Here are some more screen shots of more objects to show the realism of the lighting system and the graphical fidelity of Kraken Engine.


And there you go!

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i play meinkraaaaaft

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