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I finally made the step and submitted the game to Steam Greenlight. Take a look if you like fast paced parkour platformers. :)

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After a long development perdiod, the game is finally on Steam Greenlight.

Visit the greenlight page and give the game a vote if you like it!

Note: There are already a few custom maps available for download!

Check them out on the forum:


Interested in the map-editor? Check out the introduction into map-creation here:

Map-Editor Introduction

So what is the current state of the game?

I'm currently working on the networking infrastructure (master-server, map-sharing, leaderboards, etc...) Basic things (like the player login) already work.

This will also mark the end of the alpha-state of the game and we will gradually transition into the (early) beta stage once the majority of the networking infrastructure is done.

Want to be up to date? Follow me on Twitter @DARKLEWA where i post frequent updates, screenshots and even sometimes short videos about the game and its development.

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