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We reveal the reasons behind the long silence and talk about our new mod/update hybrid "Zathras" as well as announcing the release of Fortune Hunters 2261.

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"Frequent updates" probably backfired on me.
Let's start with the bad news, we saw some promising new campaign announcements over the last few months, starting with the Remake of "EAS Janus", then "Battle at..." as well as "The Relic". Aside from the release of the first mission of "Relic", it was silent and the odds for "Janus" aren't looking that well. Without something new, I felt a news post here would be nonesense.

Later, we had something new at our hands, "Project Zathras" was released. "Zathras" is a mod/update hybrid for TBP, fixing some leftover issues and making the game compatible to version 3.6.10 of the FS2_Open Engine, which brings even more improvements with it, especially for multiplayer. The mod is available in the Public Development Subforum. As the name implies, further development of the game is now in the hands of the fans.
Alright, there was some news. However, many players wouldn't actually notice much of a change when playing Zathras, there was no new content. Knowing that at least one person was working on one, I decided again to remain silent. That one person equals myself by the way.
It took even longer than I feared.
Still, after months of waiting, you finally read this post. The reason being, that I am done.
"Fortune Hunters 2261", the successor to "FH 2259" and "FH 2260" has been released to the public. The final chapter of the trilogy continues and concludes the story, featuring the style and challenge you have come to expect and hopefully love from the series. It's the first piece of content for TBP which requires Zathras and uses some of the many improvements, therefore be sure to read the instructions in the download thread. It's available in the Download Thread in the TBP forum or directly here on our ModDB profile.

While I am hoping that it is mostly bug free, we all hope that there will be more news posts here soon. Have fun.

Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

Excellent! Will this be all packaged up into a new ISO?

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FUBAR-BDHR - - 66 comments

At some point we hope to do so. Just haven't had the time recently so it's kind of been on the low priority list. So basically I wouldn't wait for the new DVD to get these.

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UKcharlie - - 226 comments

Nice job. Look forward to trying this out

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