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Alright, so, this is what is going to probably be happening.

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Well, to let you know, I am planning on switching over and making this a full conversion mod for Oblivion, the innate system for AI and whatnot would work great, and you can work physics on ranged weapons and whatnot, overall it seems a lot more promising than FPSC overall, and it will be easier to work with in a lot of ways than say... Source engine for example, and to respond to some of those Ideas:

There are going to be rescuable NPCs, and safe zones are something your character will have to set up, also, NPCs are mainly only going to be good for learning skill, as I am going to remove the ability to level up while playing, but skills will remain, just exist under a different name is all, and the only way to up a lot of them will be through learning them from a survivor. I am going to try to figure out a way to have the city be seamless, it will make the initial load time horrendous, but when actually playing it will be worth it. Certain scripted sequences will occur throughout the game, but cutscenes will only happen at the begining and the end, if at all. I'm probably going to cut movie sequences entirely to make for a more interactive experience.

Again guys, If you throw Ideas at me, or are interested in helping out with this project, let me know, the more brains in the pool the better, but if you do want to help I have a few guidlines about the story and game that have to be followed:

The characters main drive is not to rescue the world.
The main character is not even a fighter, he can swing an axe, or a bat, or a hammer, but to use guns he will have to rescue certain survivors and bring them somewhere safe to have the time to learn the skill.
THe main drive of the game is going to be stealth based, not action based, the zombies are going to be REALLY tough, encouraging player to avoid combat rather than engage the zombies in close quarters combat.

I do still need people that know how to script in the Oblivion Engine, again, this project is not dead, as soon as I can I will have some screens of the models being made.

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