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Post news RSS Finally! New Invasion! game-play footage!!

Game-play footage from the Beta build of our text title to be released in Q1 2013, Invasion!

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If you have been following the progress of Invasion! you will know it has been a long and bumpy road!

That's why we are so happy to finally be able to show the newest footage from Invasion!


looks borring after a while, sorry.

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I think it looks awesome guys! Well done. Looks like fun.

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58000 best score in that level ? HAXXX

But looks nice :D

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antwood Author

No Hacks!! It was an amazing run! Haven't been able to pull it off since.

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I think i need to explain my last statement.
I think it becomes boring after a while, because you are doing the same thing, constantly, maybe make same kind of shop, where you can buy upgrades for the 'projectile' you are shooting.
Things like that make's a game more intresting, because you have a goal.
My points, make some extra thingy's, that change's the gameplay while you getting father.
Some things i thought of:
-Shop with weapons, skins, multipliers, etc etc
-More hostile 'ships' that need to be shooted twice, or something like that.
-bonus rounds

And sorry for my short previous comment, and sorry for my english.
Greetings, xxltnt.

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Thanks for your expanded comment. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS more productive than unhelpful one liners that paint the poster as some kind of self entitled juvenile. So again, thank you.

Thanks for your suggestions, most of those things actually already exist in the game. (purchasable items, level progression, multipliers, etc...) they just weren't shown in this early vid as they're not ready for primetime.

Keep your eye out for some more coolness coming up!

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