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As I make final tweaks and upload the final version. I make most likely the final news update.

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Is this really the full version?
Well, no, not technically. This was just going to be the demo. But the full version will probably never be made anyway. Our plans had in mind 3 different levels, spanning 4 mini-bosses, 6 bosses, and actual quests.

So what happened?
Inexperience happened. I've never attempted making a RPG. I'm only 17 and still in school also. I ran out of time (school's starting back), and I don't want to be trying to tackle such a big project while taking 6 AP classes. Also, I really didn't like how combat turned out honestly. I don't feel too good working on such a huge game for one of the main mechanics I feel unsatisfied, and it was already too hard coded in there to change it much without changing everything.

So Is that it?
Yeah, probably. My sister who was doing all the art assets is also pretty worn down and is ready to go off and do her own thing. The only reason I'd continue development is if this game actually received loads of positive feedback. But let's be honest. You can beat the demo in 7 minutes. Theirs not much to say about it.

So thank you for reading. It has been awesome developing a game and keeping tabs on it on IndieDB, and will definitely be doing that on my next project

- Eli Davis

PS - Also, if you don't feel like downloading the game here, you can always go and play it at Kongregate.

PSS - If you really liked the game and want to stay up to date on what projects I might be working on next, you can like our facebook page


Unfortunate to hear D:

Good luck with classes and potential future designing, though!

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EliCDavis Author

Thank you very much!

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