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Field report about recent refinements made to War of Rights.

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Hello and welcome to our tenth field report!

Characters V2

We've recently been joined by a talented character artist named Pat. He's only been with us for a few weeks but we're already seeing great characters come to life. Here are a few renders of his WIP 114th Pennsylvania zouave enlisted soldier:

The 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves originated as a small company first organized by a Philadelphia lawyer by the name of Charles Collis, who became the Captain of the Company. At this time, the company was known as the "Zouaves d'Afrique," and they were attached to other regiments while serving. Their first meeting of shot and shell was in the Shenandoah Campaign, as well as in the Battle of Antietam.
Due to their splendid performances in battle, their fighting prowess, and their overall dash and vigour, they were approved to raise a full regiment with Collis as its Colonel. They were renamed to the 114th PA Zouaves, and continued on to a valiant career throughout the war. At the Battle of Fredericksburg, they were sent to relieve Meade's command from utter destruction by the
Confederates. As their charge began to falter, Colonel Collis took the standard of the regiment and rushed to the fore, urging the men forward. His actions at that battle later awarded him the Medal of
Honor in 1893. Some of the heaviest losses the regiment took was at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, after which they mostly took part as headquarter's guards for General Meade. This might be partly because Meade supposedly was quite fond of their regimental band, known as one of the best in the entire Army of the Potomac.

Springfield M1861

Stuart has been busy creating the most commonly used rifle of the entire war; the Springfield M1861:

As you'll notice, the rifle has seen better days - some very rough billy yank must have owned it. We're planing on having different versions of the weapons - some worn, some handled with better care of its condition.

Environment improvements

We've made a number of improvements to the environment of the game; trees have been revamped making the forests more interesting to look at in terms of added contrast between shadows and light, our old (almost ancient) road texture has been replaced by a fresh one, flowers local to the area has been added throughout the map and the scene of Piper farm, the headquater of Confederate general James Longstreet during the battle of antietam, has been added:

Other news

We've also recently been joined by Steve, a C++ programmer who's busy with the implementation of the first game systems into the engine. We'd like to welcome him as well as Pat to Campfire Games and we hope you will as well.

Speaking of Campfire Games, Stefan, our 3D and 2D modeler has recently completed the initial version of our company website: Campfiregames.net as well as our logo.

That's all for today gents. Have a good one!

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Excellent work!!

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Keep it up!

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Painmace - - 341 comments

Good for you, cause the previous character modules looked like ****.

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looking good

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