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Post news RSS Field of Heroes 2022 Dev Reel Released!

After a year of game design and comprehensive engineering done in my free time, combined with the outstanding art design and models created by Meta3D studios, I'm proud to present this demo reel showing off a year of incredible progress!

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What is Field of Heroes?

An online + couch co-op multiplayer soccer brawler where you help your team score as many goals as possible before the game clock runs out! Plans are for the initial release will include:

  • Online and local multiplayer
  • 9 heroes to play as
  • 12 fields to play on; each with its own metagame!
  • Stats tracking
  • Leaderboards
  • Guilds
  • Modding support

A brief history of how we got here...


The long journey here began in 2014 when I prototyped a simple battle soccer simulation in the Unreal Engine. I abandoned the project shortly thereafter due to lack of my own interest and a focus on game development in the Unity3D engine.


In 2017 I rebooted the project in Unity3D and released a version of it with three heroes and two fields on itch.io. It looked very dated and was very scarce on content, so a few months later I took it down and moved on to other projects.


Then from 2019-2021 I rebooted the project two more times in Unreal Engine 4. The first reboot was a semi-realistic, seriously styled version which was never released. The second had a more cartoony, humorous theme which fit the mechanics better. Despite having custom-made assets created by talented artists, I still didn't feel that the game as a whole looked cohesive, polished or releasable to me.


Finally in 2022 I decided to start over one last time with Unreal Engine 5 and with the help of Meta3D studios as the art director and content creator. I'm very impressed by the work they've done and I think with more hard work over the next two years, we will have a viable, releasable soccer brawler that will rock the game industry!

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