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Post news RSS Feud Update #8: Full Version of Feud (v0.9) Up for Download!

The full, feature-complete version of Feud is up and can be downloaded from the game's page.

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Salam! I hope everyone's doing well.

The full version of Feud has been uploaded and is now ready to be downloaded and played. You can find it here:

Feud v0.9-Beta

This download is the installer for a feature-complete build of Feud, containing all of the features mentioned on the front page. Just download the file, run the .exe and install to desired location. After the installation is complete, search for Feud in your start menu or go to (installation-path)\binaries\win32\udkgame.exe and run the game. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Windows XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 2.0+ GHz processor
  • 2 GB system RAM
  • Shader Model 3 compatible video card

Even though this version is complete implementation wise, it's numbered 0.9 and is considered Beta. The reason for this is that even though I've tested it as much as it was possible for me on my own, there is still a possibility that a few bugs might have escaped me. Therefore, it'll stay this way for a month or so. Once this version feels stable and there are no more bug reports (if any), I'll bump the version number up to 1.0 and remove the Beta tag.

This is it! With this post, I'm finally done with Feud. It was a long and tough journey but I had a lot of fun while working on this, and most importantly, I learned a lot of things that I knew nothing about before! I think a big thank you goes to Epic Games for providing such an awesome development kit and a demo along with it that I was able to base my work on. And a big thank you to the guys at IndieDB as well for providing me with a platform where I could share my work with the world. Now that this is over, my next project will be something that is, hopefully, entirely my own.

Looking forward to feedback from you guys. Please also report bugs if you find any so that I can provide a patch for them. Happy Gaming! I hope you guys have tons of fun while playing this!

dr.flay - - 106 comments

Inspired by UT and Chaos by the look of it.
I will be checking it out :D

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Inspired by UT and Quake. I'm a huge Quake fan, especially Quake III Arena! :D In fact, I've developed this game on top of a demo that was available with UDK. The idea was to learn game dev, all the while making something actually playable. And thanks for trying this out. Looking forward to feedback from you!

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dr.flay - - 106 comments

Looking forward to getting some time to play.
Well I guess Chaos shaped a big part of Quake and UT "feel" by adding power-ups and melee. UT captured me more, as there was more effort to make realworld maps, and I preferred the multi-function weapons.
Chaos brought Quake to UT, so I was happy.
I don't play UT3 though purely because of the lack of Chaos mod.
BTW. The Chaos project still exists, and is now being built as a standalone game.
I'm thinking of suggesting UTvsQuake game-mode.

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Then, I definitely need to look up Chaos. I can't seem to recall the name but it sounds like something I'll like.
A UT vs Quake mode? Sound interesting. What rules for the mode do you have in mind?
And when you give feedback, please don't hesitate to speak your mind. Feud was my first game dev experience and, apart from that, I still have a lot to learn. Constructive criticism will help me move forward. :)

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dr.flay - - 106 comments

Woah! re-install Q3 and the Chaos mod. UT99 GOTY edition came with v1 of Chaos, so many people think it was a standard part of UT.

Tip: Either install UT2004 and the newest Chaos, or look for "Chaos Duel" examples on youtube.
Then look again at Unreal Championship 2 (note the similarity).

QvUT mode, I'm thinking could be a class-based game without feeling like class-based.
Possibly something like Q-team have a lightning gun, jet-boots and faster weapons, and U-team have a sniper rifle, quad-jump boots and stronger weapons.
Q-team uses powerups on the weapons (they can carry more), and U-team uses powerups on the player (works on all weapons).
All have pros and cons, but the aim is to provide variety while keeping balance.

I play HL2 vs Halo in C&C style maps in UT2004, so I tend to think beyond the normal.

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Alright. I'll do that.

And the mode sounds interesting! I actually had something similar in mind when I started out with Feud. The idea was to make two classes, a Soldier class and a Ghost class, with the current abilities divided in between the two.

A Soldier would have jet boots and high armor. A Ghost would have teleportation and invisibility. Both of them could pick weapons and powerups placed around the map. There would be modes that pit the two against one another or modes where the teams could have mixed classes. However, I ended up dropping the idea and went for what you see now because when I started out with Feud I did not have the knowledge required to implement all this. Though, if you look at Hide and Slay, you'll see a reflection of that idea.

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dr.flay - - 106 comments

Took a while to get much of a game.
This is the first UDK install on this PC, so 1st reboot was for the extended .net4 and then Windows wanted to DL a big list of updates.
I stopped them and chose the full SP version at the top of the update list (this includes all the updates).
Then I realised the game had only made an empty folder so I ran the installer again.
Another reboot and I could play.

I can't get the console to open, so I can't set the middle-mouse click as jump :(
Middle-mouse click is not listed in the configs, so I could only change my movement and crouch.
Once I am more familiar with the U3 ini and int files, I will start unlocking/adding features. Things like the game-engine settings are easier to modify if you use the classic advanced prefs window (hidden from UT99 onwards).

OK. Gameplay (based on Team-DM and VCTF)
Well it is very UT, so what more need I say!
Smooth, fluid, quick and a pleasure to play (compared to the Xbox version).
Not sure the sword will get much use (this was always a problem in Chaos so they made the "Duel" mode).
Compared to the swords in the Chaos Evolution mod it is not fun and very limited.
There is a modder who has worked on the melee weapons for Chaos and Runestorm JunkWars. He may be a good person to help with the melee stuff.
Suggestion: When swapping to melee weapons, it is easier to fight in 3rd person. This should be automatic (or an option).

I'll have a play with the ghost mode later, but I need to sort the jump button first.

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll look in to the console issue. I'm sure you know, but just to be safe the console button is the tilde button "~". If it still won't open, I'll try to provide the config settings ASAP, which'll probably be tomorrow since it's the weekend.

As for the gameplay, It's based on a UDK demo and I was also aiming for a similar feel, so I'm glad you think that way. And yes, I agree with the sword being limited. This was my first time making a weapon, and I had a REALLY hard time creating and bringing in just that single slashing animation. :P There's also a CoD style quick-draw melee bound to the V key.

Would you happen to know the name of that modder, so that I can get in contact with him?

Also, what is your opinion of Jet-boots and Invisibility? BTW, you can look up default key binds in-game by pressing f10 during gameplay.

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dr.flay - - 106 comments

Yeah I tried the tilde key. I'm wondering if it is because I don't have the full UDK installed :(
The drop-down picture is not much use without the console as the game needs to be closed while editing the configs. It may be worth including it as a JPG ?

Sword melee is not easy to get right. Don't worry, it is early days ;)
Azarael is the modder that tweaked the Ballistics and Chaos melee. See this thread for details Forums.chaoticdreams.org
Chaos melee uses Light, Medium and Heavy stance, then depending on direction, weapon and mouse buttons, you get a variety of moves.
Runestorm Ballistics melee is more basic. Stab, slash and throw.

I put up an old vid of me playing melee-only Chaos "Duel" mode a while ago.
This is more of a "beat-em-up" mode, but you can see how far it can be taken in Unreal.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to test again, as I've been trying to fix a UT map. I'll play more soon.

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Sohair Author
Sohair - - 478 comments

Here's the help png:

Thanks for all the info as well! I'll refer to it when I work on something similar again.

As for the console, I've been looking into it. I'll get back to you regarding it in a while.

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