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Other World 2 isn't yet finish, Other World 1 not Final 2.0 and Other World /2D got no Level-Designers :(

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Hello Guys from moddb.

I just need more help overhere :( I just need to know if:

-Other World /RV (RC1) is now really easier and what levels are still too hard or too easy
-Other World 2 got some good maps and it is fun to play with more people
-someone is ready to work some levels for Other World /2D and Other World 2.
-Other World :3 /Pikadg50s in Wars is funny to watch/play with Multiwinia (or even Darwinia).

I just need more comments, feedbacks and a helping hand here. You can do it right here or anonymous to dennisg50@hotmail.de

Other World 2 (You can play the public alpha version) is really hard to design. It's a cooperative mod and it need really much ideas in one level or you'll stuck like me. Singleplayer is much easier, believe me.

Other World /2D. Yes, you saw Other World. Kula World maybe too or other games like this. But that on 2D based on a RPG game (hehe) ? I think i can cancel it forever oh well :(

If you got level ideas or wanna be a design and you want to help me, please contact me. On OW2, you'll need to know the basic skills on Valve Hammer Editor (only creating blocks, no entities). On OW/2D, you'll need to know the basic skills on RPG Maker XP (because i already started there ^^).

Thank you for your support :)

- DennisG50 = Leader of Other Team -

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