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- This article will explain the features of this mod, I also need suggestions.

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Features of this mod;
- 6 fully modified factions;

Britons (Red) - replaces Kingdom of Swadia
Franks (Blue) - replaces Kingdom of Rhodoks
Mongols (Yellow) - replaces Khergit Khante
Vikings (Purple) - replaces Kingdom of Nords
Slavs (Cyan) - replaces Kingdom of Vaegirs
Saracens (Green) - replaces Sarranid Sultante

- Completely modified troops
- Tons of new items
Now, some of you won't find this mod interesting because it's nothing new. But if you are an Age of Empires fan like me you will really enjoy this simple mod.

I must say that I took the items from Age of Blades mod and I just retextured them, because the Age of Blades mod contains only Red and Blue items I had to work on the other 4 colors personally, which wasn't too difficult of course.

If anyone has any suggestions, please drop a comment. I also need suggestion for Town names so yeah, drop a comment below.

Biggus_Thicc_Diccus - - 43 comments


But I suggest changing the Rhodoks from Franks to something else,
because they live in the mountains and the Franks are a cavalry civilization.

Or you could modify the map and make the Rhodok lands a bit flat(or make a whole new map).

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