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Character features (traits). So, today we have an important topic - character traits.

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Character features (traits)

So, today we have an important topic - character traits. How successful the character is in certain game events, checks and battles will largely depend on them.
"Strong", "Hardy", "Seducer", "Midget" - these are all features. And yes, a strong, hardy midget-seducer may well be found in this world.
Most of the features change the attributes of the character. As soon as a character loses a trait, he loses attributes as well.
The main idea is that we do not manually edit attributes, we get the features and this changes attributes. Traits can have a duration, after which they disappear by themselves. And maybe for his whole life.
A special kind of feature is disease. They reduce attributes, last for a while and then pass. In addition, fatal diseases can kill a character.

You can customize the features manually only for the first character - the ancestor of the dynasty. Each feature has its own value in points. The sum of points cannot be below zero. So, if you want to take a few "good" features, you will have to take a few "bad" ones. The number of features when creating is 4, during the game - unlimited. Or you can just press the "Random" button and enjoy the created character :-)
But children inherit both attributes and traits. While there is an accident here, an enduring character does not necessarily have enduring children.

Feature screen 1

Feature screen 2

Feature screen 3

Friends, this is a very broad topic, and we will return to it in the future.
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