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How can we make death something people fear? What can we do to give players a reason to avoid death?

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Me (N0body) and Uhtred have been playing around with a simple concept: fear. How can we make players fear death? We've looked at the following possible ways we can make players fear death:

  • Increasing money drop to a very high percentage; 90-100%
  • Making it difficult to make money in the first place; emphasises the above point
  • Adding risk factors to the banks; we'll go into more detail concerning this later

This choice is difficult because we don't want to make the mod too difficult or too much of a grind, but we do want a significant disadvantage to dying, but not too significant because we still want combat. We're looking for a middleground, to put it simply.

Issues such as randoming* won't be too big of an issue; we're working on ways of capturing randoms intelligently via logs, which will allow us to deal with players who have been randomed.

If anyone has any suggestions concerning how we can make players fear death, please feel free to suggest / comment below!
This is a tricky one, and we don't want to do something too extreme, or even something that won't even work.

Also please note that with the banking system, money can easily be stored away in a largely safe location (the banks will have a risk factor tied to them).

* For those who don't know what randoming is; randoming is when one player kills another player without a justified reason. As it stands right now, because of the lack of consequences for dying, players will willingly go out and kill others without caring if they die in the process. This results in the gameplay of other players (the victims) being ruined whilst their (players running around killing people) gameplay will be largely unaffected.

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I realy like your plan about the mod and i have a idea about how to get people fear death 1 if you die you loss 50% of the money you have on you or more 2 maybe loss your class

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benjc1199 - - 1 comments

This is probably a bit late but maybe when you die 2-3 minute wait before respawning and loose 30-40% of your money. This would also help solve some of the NLR (New life rule) problems that some servers have

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