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Farewell is now on IndieDb! Download it now on Google Play Store!

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Farewell is a roguelike, vertically scrolling shooter, platform videogame.
Go up the well and make your way using a huge variety of weapons, defeating as many powerful enemies.

Underground life is not as easy as it seems, especially after falling for a couple of kilometers.
Advance through multiple completely different scenarios, obtaining very powerful weapons and facing particular and tough enemies to find your way back home and taste the sweet revenge... Or loop the game to recreate a carnage.
Upgrade your character by leveling up and unlocking power ups to become stronger and stronger.
The peculiarity of this game is the unpredictability. Anything can happen during a game in Farewell! Have fun using a game system that is easy to understand and difficult to master; move with the arrows, jump and when you're in midair... bang!

Farewell offers:
- A wide range of characters in continuous expansion;
Each character you unlock in Farewell will have its own peculiar characteristics, such as having more life, shooting faster or even ... dying easily.

- Many Levels, Enemies, Bosses, Weapons and Power ups;
There are a lot of different scenarios and each one has its own unique enemies, from simple bricks that shoot upwards to squid rockets. Each Farewell Boss is tough, multiple patterns and special abilities will be your obstacle, but don't worry, during your climb you will find a lot of weapons such as Shotgun, Machinegun and even a Laser Minigun as well as powerful upgrades that can change the fate of the game!

- Alternative modes such as Daily mode, and more to come!

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