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Here is a little summary explaining the enemies in each of the invasions.

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Varies defender factions::
------Crusaders-------During the time of the crusade. Richard the lion heart, The Teutonic Knights, Polish Knights, British Knights, Knights from France has gathered all together to went in the campaign of the crusade. However, when their forces are far away from their homeland. Mongolians attacked, raid all their villages and towns. Now the crusaders must head back to their home to defend against the horde of Mongolians.

------Court of Reveran------- (COR)
Pros: Reveran Crossbowman is the best crossbowman and best armoured troops in all factions. They have a good range of weapons that is belong to the Reverans and their spears and axes is very deadly too. These spears and axes does not need to purchase from the chest because you can buy it from the buying menu and Reveran Crossbowman are the best crossbowman in all factions. Cons: Their armours are not the best and due to lack of agility so they will move very slow.

--------- The Empire --------- (14-15th century). Knight: Having a good ability to ride on horses, is good on combat one to one on shield and if these Knights get on a horse his fighting skill will reach to its maximum level. Sergeant: These Empire sergeants are great for players who prefer to use two handed weapons. Their two handed sword is deadly however because they don't have a shield so incoming ranged attacks will be trouble. Sharpshooter: Great at shooting from far side however because they are weak in combats so they rely on teammates to save them from battlefield. Pros: They almost have the best range of gears for medieval knights and they are very strong and tough. Cons: The knights cannot afford to buy horses from the start so they will have to get it from the enemies.

--------- The Lord of The Ring -------- (12-13th century):
The Battle of middle earth will soon begin, this time all the factions in LOTR finally team up together, even Sauron himself allies with the elves and the men, and now you can finally play as them in Extra Invasion.

-------- The Nord----------
The Vikings has the best axes from all factions, Vikings has plate armours as well as light armours. Their axes can slash and hack down any enemies in their skulls without mercy. Pros: Good damage when is attacking with their Viking war axes, Viking can switch from one-handed axe to two-handed axe which means if their shield is broken their axes will turn into two handed axes and that will deals more damage as they have become berserkers. Cons: The Vikings moves very slow and if you prefer to walk faster you can choose to wear light armour.

-----The Chinese------: Most of the time many people never realize that Chinese do have warriors like the samurais, but their weapons and armours is different than the japanese, they are similar in race but mostly not. This is based on Romance of the three kingdom Era and Ming Dynasty Era, they have advance technology like repeating crossbow, nest of bees and so on.

----The Samurais-----: These Japanese samurais have team up with the Ninjas and now they must defend their homeland, they have weapons like katanas and cool looking armours.

-----Ninja-----: Pro: Run Extremely Fast
Con: Can die in 1 headshot/ low health

----The Highlander-----: Brave Heart

------- The Rifleman ------- (18th century- Modern):
These riflemen are prove to be the best ranged units above all factions. They have the best guns from the start and they can get better guns and equipment via upgrade. They starts with arquebus, then they use muskets, then they use machinegun then to weapons like rocket launcher and mini-gun

-----The Counter- Terrorist / Terrorist--------- : Similar to Counter Strike
--------- Spartans: ---------- (From 300)
These Spartans are from the movie 300 and they are all brave man. They have great Spartan long spear as well as Spartan swords and shield. They can be extremely useful when defending in groups on formations. Pros: They can use their spear while holding their shields to protect them from incoming arrows attack, they have the best unbreakable shields from the game and their javelins throwers are pretty badass because they are the best throwers in all faction. Cons: Helpless against ranged due to no ranged units (That is how the Spartan dies from the film 300) "In honor of the 300 spartans who died to defend their freedom"

-----The Romans-----
The Romans used to invade so many countries long time ago, but now they are struggling to control the places they have captured, will they be able to defend it? Well that depends on you, Roman has good javelins to throw, good shield wall, similar to spartan but spartan do better on shield wall
-----The Fantasy-----: Some fantasy warriors betray their faction and desert, now the fantasy faction is going to hunt down the traitors, but sadly you are one of them and you must defend your outpost. Invasions:

--------Invasion of Zombies--------
These zombies is much different than the zombies in Full Invasion because these zombies has been upgrade and now they are dangerous than ever. They have many different types of zombies and they will try their best to eat your brain. Mummy and Skeleton warriors has also join the zombie army....The zombies are weak but they will throw potatoes and melons and they have lots of new class zombies like fastest runner zombie (Run extremely fast and very dangerous) So you better watch out because if you get bitten once you will become one of them!

Types of Zombies: Slow, Fat, Extremely Fat, Hunter, Witch, Zombie Runner, Giant Zombie, Skeleton, Mummy+++

--------Invasion of Farmers--------
These farmers have changed. They have invented a new weapon which can be very useful against armoured troops. They will now throw the stuffs that comes out from their bottom at you and if you are very unlucky and got hit by those things you will lose a great amount of heath. Farmers will eventually get stronger. Ninjas, Samurai, Knights of Swadia and Soldiers from Rhodok will support these farmers even if they have to sacrifice themselves.

Well known weapons they used: All Farmers use throwing weapons like chair, toilet pump +++
--------Invasion of Fantasy--------
Invasion of fantasy is extremely hard. Even a normal enemy will kill you in few hits. They have fantasy weapons and they are extremely dangerous. Bosses like Sauron, Spiderman, Ironman is hard bosses too. Invasion of fantasy has all kind of weapons: Like guns, Laser swords, Machine gun, Rocket and much more. I am afraid that they have summon the evil creatures which was sealed many years ago and was now released. They have aliens that have alien weapons and technology. Soldiers from modern will use their guns to gun you down. They also have some nasty monsters and beast that can eat you in few seconds too. So better watch out! They have gather all fantasy troops and now they shall destroy everything in their path even you...
Brief explain of fantasy: They are very tough and hit like a boss...

--------Invasion of Goblins--------
These goblins are small creatures, they look ugly and their eyes is fill with hatred. They used to live in the caves and now they have come out to seek challenge. Invasion goblins are pretty much the same as in full invasion. The difference is that they are called goblins now. Their goats, and trolls will help them till the end...also don't forget about the orcs and the sea creatures.
--------Invasion of Persians-------- : These Persians comes from the east and they comes like swarms of flies . Their elephants and rhinos can crush the infidels!!! Their goal is simple, which is to get rid of anyone who is in their way. They would fight for their country until the end even if it cost their lives. Hordes of Persians are coming, get ready yourself sword and shield, today we shall dine in hell!

-------Invasion of Mongolians-------: After the Mongolians has defeats the chinese and capture its lands. Genghis khan takes his armies to invade Europe. Their plans is simple, is to raid every human being they saw and kill them all. All mongolians soldiers are on horses so it is highly not recommend to fight them on open ground. Their horse archers are very deadly.....

-------Invasion of Zulu------: These Zulu warriors wants to defend their homeland, when they have defeated the British, they went on and try to attack the British outpost. Will you be able to defend yourself against hordes of Zulu?
-----Invasion of Potato-throwing Half-decayed Zombie Farmers with clown masks (Vanilla)-----: In memories of Arch3r

-----Invasion of Barbarians----- (Vanilla): In memories of Arch3r

-----Invasion of Swadia-----: Swadians are now invading all the cities and you must defend it from their knights

-----Invasion of Rhodok----: Rhodok are like the rome but their crossbowman is extremely deadly ...

-----Invasion of Nord----: Watch out for their throwing axes and throwing giant axes....

-----Invasion of Vaegir----: They are like the russians but they have some nasty infantry...

----Invasion of Isengard----: Saruman and Sauron has team up together, now they will send or
orcs and uruk hais to conquer all the lands they need for the middle earth

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