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Hey guys, I've created a facebook page for Plataforma, the simple platformer. Go check it out! What? You DON'T know what Plataforma is? Check the content of this news, or even better, go to the indieDB page

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Facebook: Facebook.com
IndieDB: Indiedb.com

What is Plataforma? Plataforma is a simple platformer!

Jump over gaps, over spikes, collect the coins, and reach for the goal. Pretty straightforward. But it only gets harder from here. There are fifteen levels, divided in three sets, for you to beat and explore.

Plataforma gives you the opportunity to make it YOUR game. You can edit almost everything. Levels? Check. Character's skins? Double check. Language? re-check.

There are tutorials in .txt format included in the download to help you understand how to configure the game you want it to behave. Also, there are some videos showing how to edit the levels and character's skins.

Traducción al español incluida con el juego, tanto en las versiones de Linux como las de Windows.

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