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The latest dev log for Universum Android and how facebook is coming into play.

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I’ve never used it and never wanted to bother with it, but something tells me people like it so I thought…why not integrate it into Universum Android and let people write a status though it.

Before I had finished planning what I was going to do, I had already started it and there was no going back…SO this is the deal, players will be greeted with a message on first launch asking if they would like to enable facebook features (this is changeable in the settings) once logged in, you can click a little post icon on the menu to open a status pop-up, where you can write whatever you like from, “Just had a nice cup of joe.” to “Just got 300G in UA!”.
Generally it doesn't matter but its just a handy little feature.

As well as it just working as a status tool, if the players hi-score is broken, it will glow and show them their new best score (just incase you wish to post it).

Auto-post: There is also a toggable feature that allows the game to automatically post a status depending on your situation such as, reaching rank 10 or buying an expensive upgrade.
This will all be done in the background as long as you are logged in.

Well thats kinda it for now, cya later people!

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