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First playable version of Exterios finally available for download!

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First playable version of Exterios finally available for download! You can try first 5 levels and tell me what you think about it. I will appreciate any feedback or opinion!At this point, there is no saving system, so if you die, you will have to restart the game. Search all the rooms for ammo and supplies.
tab to enter inventoryv for melee attackwasd to move.mouse for aim and fire

Exterios Alpha version

Colonel44 - - 52 comments

When I start to play i'm in the middle of nothing and there aren't any walls and hardly any objects (it's really hard to explain and i doN't know how to send a picture)

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Speedfreak1992 - - 8 comments

It took me a really long time, but I have finally beaten the Alpha version. If you look around long enough and search, you CAN find a way out. It took me like 3 hours though. Please continue making this. The reason why other players have such high criticism is because at certain points it is not clear where to go and the glitches make it difficult to play, but as I progressed, I got used to the controls and the objectives of the game and if a few improvements were made this game would be a success like Outlast (the indie horror game). Please respond to me personally concerning this development, although I see it has been a year since anything has been updated and this website says that this game is no longer in development. The problem with the game is that you made the DEMO Alpha version TOO HARD and NOT ENOUGH CLUES to figure out how to solve puzzles in game and get around obstacles. You should make slight improvements, READVERTIZE game in CORRECTED ALPHA (DEMO) version and it will be successful.

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