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The seventh Early Access update is here to test your combat skills in the Infested Depths. Equip yourself with a new weapon, skill, mask, and new armor to fight hordes of new Mutant enemies. What are you waiting for, Yotun?

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The seventh Early Access update is here to test your combat skills in the Infested Depths. Equip yourself with a new weapon, skill, mask, and new armor to fight hordes of new Mutant enemies. What are you waiting for, Yotun?

Check out the full changelog below.

New Mutation: Furious Stance

Arboria - Infested Depths Update - Furious Stance

Any name that starts with “Furious” is going to spell trouble for somebody. Use this mutation to make your attacks even deadlier and generally become more powerful. The exact characteristics that get a boost will depend on the elemental type of the Furious Stance.

Without pain, without sacrifice, trolls would have nothing - Shaman Vordagg

New Symbiont: Switch Hammer (Toughness)

Arboria - Infested Depths Update - Switch Hammer

After using the Switch Hammer, we think you’ll agree that sometimes extreme blunt force trauma is the best way to settle an argument. When slicing, stabbing, and burning just doesn’t get the job done, put the Switch Hammer to work and see how quickly the problem solves itself.

My soul is like flesh rended by a machine, like a machine consumed by flesh - Gobbok

New NPC: Spawner

Arboria - Infested Depths Update - Spawner

Located on the ground floor of the village, Spawner will allow you to spend your precious Veri on passive perks that will help you survive longer in the depths of Durnar.

Spawner Upgrades

  • Hotbar - Unlocks a new Hotbar Slot
  • More Slots - Increases the amount of Yotun Seeds
  • Retrolling - Unlocks Yotun Seeds reroll
  • Stay Positive - There is always at least one Yotun with a Positive Trait, regardless of the level of Godz Mood
  • Superior Interior - Increases the number of Inventory slots
  • Weapon Prof - Max weapon Proficiency increases
  • Tough Yotuns - Increases base Toughness
  • Strong Yotuns - Increases base Strength
  • Focused Yotuns - Increases base Focus

New Enemy: Stroller

Arboria - Infested Depths Update - Stroller

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing casual or relaxed about this enemy from the deep forest. And while he may be a bit slow and lumbering, all he needs is for you to get within striking distance of his whip-like tongue to make you seriously reconsider your decision to take him on.

New Enemy: Parasyte

Arboria - Infested Depths Update - Parasyte

Part of Parasyte’s strategy seems to be distracting and confusing opponents with his bizarre anatomy but don’t fall into that trap. Instead, worry about the massive claw coming straight at your head at lightning speed and think about how you can break down his defense before he breaks through your skull.

New Enemy: Heaver

Arboria - Infested Depths Update - Stroller

Distance attacks with flames might not be fair but Mother Nature doesn’t care what you think. Dodge Heaver’s red balls of pain and look for an opening to slash his legs a few times before rolling out again. Careful, though—he can cut you down at close distance too.


  • New Mutation: Furious Stance
  • New Symbiont: Switch Hammer
  • Probe: scans surroundings for treasures
  • New Symbiont & Armor Tier: Plague
  • New Plague enemies: Stroller, Parasyte, Heaver
  • New NPC: Spawner
  • New Quest: Unstable Vaulting
  • New Quest: See-Saw
  • New dungeon floors in the third setting
  • New Mask in Mask Entity NPC: Miner Mask
  • New Trait (positive): Motivated - Complete 16 events to get it
  • New Trait (negative): Troll in the Fog - Use portal more than 6 times at a single floor
  • And more!


Arboria changed greatly over the last couple of months. With all new content it feels better than ever! But that’s not all we prepared for you. Keep following the game on Steam to stay up to date with monthly updates.

And if you can’t wait to see what’s coming next, check the full development roadmap to find out what’s planned for the future: Arboria - Roadmap of Updates.

Arboria - Roadmap of Updates


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