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Welcome to our Indiedb page for Exiled Dimensions we will be posting updates as often as we can we hope that everyone will enjoy all of the content posted here. This is the start of something great. Thank you for visiting!

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Here is a list of some of the features that we will be adding into ED. (Note this is all in the beginning stages of the game anything could be changed)

List of Features

Max level - 80

Number of Zones - 12

Zone Types - We have a wide verity of zones types from a Valley/Plains zone to a Desert wasteland we will be releasing more videos on our zones so look forward to those.

Player Model - We are trying to break the mold on the "Humanoid" type player that most ORPG go for in games we have gone with a Six Sphere model which has turned out very interesting and very fun to
play around with we hope players will enjoy the fun aspect of this model.

Number of Races - 5

Race Types - Our race types resemble animals such as a Bird or even a Cat heck even a Sloth!

Item Types - 5 - We have looked at what some games have done with item types and we think there should not be low quality items in a game aka "Trash" items usually being the color
gray or white so we have removed any "Trash" type items from being added into ED by doing this it will be more rewarding for players when they recive their loot.

Item Attribute Select System - In ED you will be able to pick the initial attributes on your items example if you have five attributes to pick from health,damage,armor so on and so on you can
pick which one of those attributes will be on your equipment by doing this it allows the player to have full reign over their equipment statistics.


Camera - In ED you will control a avatar in a third person view with the option of zooming into first person perspective, you can rotate the camera using the mouse and rotate your avatar
by holding right click and move your avatar by using both left and right click held down or by using W,A,S,D.

Combat - We cant give to many details on how our current combat system works but we can tell you it will be something you don't see in online games. Here is how some
of the action bar works and some other things, the action bar will have 8 keyboard keys 1-8 that can be changed to other keys if players wish to do so, Left and Right click
will be the way you attack in ED left click abilities will generate a attribute and right click will allow you to use that attribute as a larger attack, we also have Middle click
which will allow you to switch a ability that is set to middle click in place of right click by doing this it will allow players to have 2 larger attacks that they can
switch back and forth to for a better and more immersive game-play experience.

Movement - Walking,Crouch,Climbing and Mounts are all planned for ED but not flying we feel as if flight takes a lot away from a game.

Crafting/Professions - There will many types of crafting/professions in ED but it will be on NPCs not on players.

Questing - A questing system will be in ED but it wont be the main focus of the game.

Player VS Player - We are hoping to have types of PvP from capture the flag king of the hill and even survival games.

Instances - Instances will be Single player goal oriented but others may join if they would like help.

Raid Groups - We hope to be able to add some sort of Raid Group feature in ED allowing groups of 10,20 and maybe even 40 people.

These are just some of the basic things we plan on adding into Exiled Dimensions We have been working on this project for about 9 months we are a dedicated few making a game we think will be very good. Eventually we will do a kick starter to raise some money for server hosting and some software/hardware that will be needed in the future but until then thank you all for reading our current status on Exiled Dimensions.

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