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We are proud to announce the start of Game Development tutorials by Exanim Games

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Exanim Games is proud to announce the start of several new tutorial series. We are going to be starting a new Youtube channel for Exanim Games. These tutorials will be posted in our videos section alongside Youtube.

What are the tutorials going to be about?
These tutorials are going to be focused on:

  • Unity 2D
  • Java
  • Web Development
  • General Indie Game Development

Now that we have finally found decent screen capture software we can do these tutorials that we've dreamt about for sometime now. The Unity and Java tutorials will be focused on programming. The Web Development tutorials will be focusing on programming, getting a website up and running, putting games on your website, etc. The Indie Game Development tutorials are just going to be tutorials that focus on how to produce indie games and manage everything.

Well we want to give back to the indie gaming community through helping learn from our mistakes. We also want to see what cool games all of the future game developers are going to be making. We plan on having our Youtube channel not just be tutorial channel but also be a channel for the Indie Gaming Community. For this reason once the channel establishes itself and starts to gain subscribers we are going to start showing trailers and game footage from other games from the indie community (hopefully some in development).

We plan to put up the first official tutorial tomorrow between 3-4 pm Eastern Standard Time. After the first video we will post video as many as we are able to so expect more to be posted on the weekends with a few being posted during the week.

What can I do to help?
It would greatly help us to subscribe to our channel and spread the word about our channel. You can visit our channel by clicking here We know that now it might look like much but we're hoping that in a year from now it will be filled with all sorts of amazing tutorials and content.

Don't forget to check exanimgames.com for all of the latest news on Exanim Games. Also remember to check back on IndieDB page for any updates on games such as Alien Line Up

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