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XOOM posts some production team shots where they are improving the visual appeal of the game. Ground textures new shaders, city layouts and the flyboys going to like the new water, now you can see the surface … take a look at the before and after shots of WIP ...

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xoomThe production team has been busy to help improve the visual appeal of WWII Online, and today we're going to show you a couple of before and after (work in progress) screenshots. We think the Air Force guys are going to be pretty pleased to see the updated water shaders as it will add depth perception while flying over all waterways. PITTPETE has been working diligently on the improved textures of all ground terrain textures, and Tr6al is working to create new town layouts in existing towns to diversify how battles are fought. Leave your feedback in the comments section.



Here are the current shaders.

1 water shaders current

And now for the updated version!

2 water shaders new


3 current terrain textures

And now for an updated look at Dinant.

4 new terrain textures


Here's an example of how the team is working to get you enhanced city layouts to diversify the way battles are fought. Special kudos to Tr6al for all of his hard work.

5 maldegem

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