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👉MetaDOS team's vision is to create a new generation of an Esport-focused battle royale game. 👉Our goal is to be the No. 1 Metaverse Esport Game in the most popular game genres in the world: Battle Royale and Esports TPS. Inspired by Apex Legends and In Time (2011) movie, MetaDOS is anticipated to be the next addictive Real-time 3D Metaverse Esport Battle Royale with Blockchain technology.

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Immerse yourself in the most popular and unique gameplay, acquire battle enemies, and fire till your last breath. It's up to you to discover the MetaDOS universe.

Everything you need to know about MetaDOS from DOS Labs

I. MetaDOS Overview

Inspired by the famous game Apex Legends and the movie Intime (2011). MetaDOS develops the game's story with the earth in 2030 when a meteor explodes across Canada and causes climate change on the earth. To help increase the ability to prolong human life, the world's largest energy corporation DOS has researched and developed Nibirium based on AMB technology. This is also the time when DOS organizes a Battle Royale tournament that brings together excellent factors to participate.

MetaDOS takes massive advantage of potential team members and mentors, brought together by talent, skills, creativity, vision also experience in Blockchain and Esports Gaming. What we are doing here is not just producing a standard game. We are opening up new concepts for the Game industry. We are The Next-Gen Metaverse Battle Royale.

II. Why Should You Play MetaDOS?

MetaDOS has built on features of Metaverse and E-sports, including four essential features. On top of that, free-to-play keep an important role; there is the soul of any Esports, and players can experience the game for free. Not only that, but this element makes it easier for players to approach MetaDos for the first time and gives them a more sympathetic expression and desire to build a broad and influential community.

The second is to be able to develop the world's giant E-sports game. DOS Labs has combined Metaverse with an authentic E-sports NFT game project, which combines immersive experience, an open world, and an in-game economy.

Besides, Time-as-currency also keeps important unique features to speed up the upcoming mat; DOS Labs created a completely different time system. The same specific amount of time is given to each participant. It's a countdown time system; the player will knockdown if it returns to zero. You will have to be active rather than passive in houses and wait for the last circles for your survival and rewards.

Last but not least, High-quality graphics: are designed based on blockchain technology. Players participate in a battle for the survival of 100 (up to 200) people. Win and earn rewards.

The last-man-standing heroes at the battle could be using winning rewards to upgrade equipment, buy outfits, buy land to build houses and bases, and upgrade bases on Land. Return to the battle to earn rewards.

Video Alpha test Gameplay: 🔥MetaDOS: BREAKING NEWS! ALPHA TEST RELEASE!🎉

III. Join With Us

We are delighted to see how rapidly our community is expanding. To satisfy players' curiosity, we regularly publish articles about features of MetaDOS on our Website and our Discord server. We'd love to have you join us. We like discussing your thoughts and suggestions; some are fantastic and will undoubtedly make it into the game! You may join our community by clicking on the links below:

Our Website - Metados.com
Join our Discord server - Discord.gg

Thank you for staying with us to the end! We believe that together we will create a truly fascinating game that will be a new benchmark of quality in MetaDOS.

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