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Learn more on how Great Houses of Calderia puts emphasis on the characters' histories based on locations!

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Today's topic is location-based events in Great Houses of Calderia

The peninsula of Calderia is about 40,000 km² / 15,400 mi² in size (roughly equivalent to Switzerland). The land is divided into provinces governed by various noble Houses.

Although the interests of the nobility are mostly focused on the main cities of each province, the roads between them are bustling with life: busy crossroads may have thriving villages, and ancient temple ruins may hold secrets to be discovered by those who dare to seek them out. Seaports are a melting pot for sailors, vagabonds, fishermen, bazaars, and traders from faraway lands.

While your family members are on the road, they are bound to encounter the enticing wonders that Calderia has to offer. Depending on their location, they may be treated to a Location Event.

calderia village market

Characters may also pass by each other's cities or meet on the road; be they friends or foes. Sometimes events related to two characters meeting by chance may occur. Sometimes multiple families are invited to spend time in the same place, such as at weddings. In such situations, one is bound to run into new acquaintances or confront sworn enemies. However, if you're harbouring a vendetta, it's not civilized to act on it while being someone else's guest.

calderia angry encounter

As mentioned in our "Diplomacy: Squire, ward, court" Steam News, one of the most powerful diplomatic actions a noble House can take is to send its family members to live in a foreign court as wards, squires, or court members. These family members are by no means forgotten. Things can happen in their lives just as they can with anyone else, but the events they experience will be related to their duties and lives in the other House's court. You will also receive events related to the incidents that revolve around other Houses' characters living in your own court.

calderia squire life

Finally, your family members may find their lives boring or unfulfilling. In these rare cases, they might embark on a Character Journey.

A Character Journey is a series of events that the characters undertake of their own volition. While you may not be able to stop them or even control where they go, you'll have a chance to decide what they do in the adventures they encounter. Character Journeys are extremely rare, occurring maybe once in a character's lifetime, but when they do, they're bound to change the character's view of life somehow.

calderia character Journey

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