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Dragons, dragons and more dragons! Maybe it is too soon to introduce them, as they are too strong ;)

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Hi there!

The new update 2.11 is here! We bring the following changes, in no particular order:

- No more clans. As previously announced, we are removing the clans system. We have no plans yet for adding a guild system, because there are more important changes and features to implement. We also removed the PvP points system, as it caused more confusion than benefits. As a reminder, the PvE servers are for fun, and no destructive behavior will be allowed. I invite you to read the game rules again on Kakele.io .

- New game servers closer to you! Now we have servers in Europe and South America as well. We hope to add servers in Asia at some point.

- Now you may be able to trade some Kakele Coins! Visit Kakele.io for more details.

- The character speed was increased by about 50 levels. At level 1 it was quite slow and it was frustrating to many newbies.

- Teleport scrolls! Each city Inn NPC sells the city scroll (apart from Norde).

- New server list choosing experience! To make it easier to choose depending on where you play from.

- Changes to PvP: Attacking someone will get you the bloody swords for 60 seconds regardless if they are with the bloody swords. You cannot enter the PZ with that status.

- Daily rewards: each day you login you get +1 point. Each day you can get a daily reward item, the more points you have, the better the items get! There is a rank for that too. After 2 days of inactivity, 1 point will be removed for each day.

- New monsters, bosses, invasion, quests, items and NPCs! Yep, more dragons as the title says!

- Improvements to the chat, check out the tutorial in the chat window!

- New service to change the email. We don't expect people to change their account emails, but if they do, we will charge a hefty amount for security purposes. As a reminder, selling your account is not allowed, and we will not transfer characters between accounts.

- Many tweaks to the map, such as walking in the fire will make you burn! Or cooking raw meat in the oven, or raw fish in the fire!

- New spells for all vocations. Check out Kakele.io for what has changed and what is new, along with some small changes to some items level requirement.

- Many other client tweaks to improve your game experience, such as holding the hotkeys will constantly use the spell or potions (for PC, before you had to press repeatedly) or the collect all loot!

As you know, we sell Kakele Coins in Brazilian Reais as well. We are an American based company and our expenses are all in USD. For that reason, we need to keep adjusting the price in BRL, which is a currency that the value fluctuates along the year. Our first adjustment will be in the first update from August, the amount is yet to be determined and will be announced in July.

We hope you enjoy! We are always striving to make the game better for you. As a reminder, let us know on Discord or via email what do you think about these changes, we try to read all your feedback!

A spoiler for a new quest:

Best regards,
Team ViVa

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