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New demo for Windows, Linux & Mac and new trailer available.

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Eve of Destruction - Redux

Our first map-selection for the demo was not very usefull and we've got a lot of suggestions for improvements.

Almost all these suggestions could be implemented and the changes are really extensive.
A significantly improved accuracy, a simpler weapon selection and display of ammunition/medicine boxes and repair possibilities for vehicles facilitate the operation. Take a look at the changelog below for detailed information.

Cot Moc

The new demo includes the new map Cot Moc wich has now much more vehicles.
Game modes are 'Tankbattle' and 'Combat' for varied virtual battles.

Get the free demo for Windows, Linux or Mac (32/64 Bit) on our website!


EoD v.4.0.866

- new map 'Cot Moc' added
- new map 'Brown Water Navy' added
- new vehicle ATC-14 Tango, Monitor and Zippo added
- new vehicle LCT MK6 added
- new vehicle Alpha boat added
- new vehicle Nasty boat added

- (Demo only) fixed Windows 32Bit demo
- (Demo only) allow to fast-forward the slideshow at the end of the demo (Mouse Fire1/Space Key)
- (Demo only) allow to cancel the slideshow at the end of the demo (ESC)

- fixed the storage of config files to eliminated problems on Linux & Mac
- enable/disable player & bot names display in menu
- enable/disable ammo & medic boxes display in menu
- improved player & bot names display
- added Nr of players per team to stats bar in MP (balancing)

- controls: keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to select camera view in vehicles
- controls: keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to select player weapons directly
- controls: mousewheel-scroll to select previous / next weapon
- controls: mousewheel-click to select next weapon
- controls: fixed the run_continous function
- performance: improved vehicles camera prevent graphics lag if other vehicles are near
- performance: improved sniper scope view to prevent graphics lag
- player: decreased camera shake while walking/running
- player: fixed a damaged soldiermodel falling through terrain in multiplayer
- player: improved weapons accuracy, decreased recoil effect
- player: removed crosshair for weapons wich don't need it
- joystick: disabled joysticks cause of many errors caused by different hardware
- joysticks will be re-added in a later version!
- sounds: action sounds added
- sounds: M-60 sound improved
- vehicles: C-119 fixed
- vehicles: OH-58 wreck fixed
- vehicles: Swiftboat wreck fixed
- vehicles air: paintings normalized to nato-oliv
- handweapons: new AK-47 model
- maps: Tunnels of Cu Chi: fixed flag capture radius
- AI: AI for water vehicles added
- AI: fixed a bug that made the bots idle after respawn
- AI: fixed AI tanks flying-bug if they drive down a hill

- manual updated

herycp07 - - 20 comments

looks good

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Olku_ - - 2,077 comments

Will you be rewriting or improving some of the coding to make the game performance better? With first demo the game was unplayable with bots.

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Lotte|EoD Author
Lotte|EoD - - 14 comments

The game is updated daily and also the AI coding gets improved step by step.
But if it's unplayable like you said it may depend on a really poor hardware.
We've tested with lots of machines (some 6 years and older) and of course you need a good graphics card, CPU and enough RAM.

A game with so much statics and vegetation, huge terrain and endless number of vehicles will never run on a lower class PC.

The game was coded on a 7 years old mid class PC (i5-3570, GTX660-2048, 16GB RAM) and is running very fine without lag or performance problems.

So it can be a bottle neck, i.e. the GPU or CPU or a lot of applications running in the background.
Send me your specs and maybe I can help you.

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