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There was a major data error yesterday night.... ouch...

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Alright, so, heres the scoop.
I had just completed building the first level and saving it, then went to build it into an exe file, and the engine crashed. I figured I could save the data, but no, even after a reinstall and repair, the entire first level file had been corrupted. So, I am having to revert to an already started, albeit saved, concept idea for the first level. The story is unchanged, and the sounds will be the same, but the layout and placement of zombies/items will be different. I just hope this works out well for me, I'll hopefully be uploading a full version of the first chapter in the next few days, since the majority of the concept level is completed and I already have the voiceovers and know how I want the chapter to progress.

Frett not for those currently interested in this game, I'm not giving up because of a setback, and you will have the first chapter by next week if I can help it.

Edit: In the future, if I can help it, the news will be in audio format, it's a bit less time intensive to just hit the record button and upload then to figure out how to word the text news.

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