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Today we are posting the gameplay loops and the thumbnails for environments Epic Tales of Codfish will have, the Sea, the Bay and a Portuguese old house interior.

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Hey there!

Briefly, the core loop of Epic Tales of Codfish consists of fishing, selling the fish and repeating, while the retention loop will integrate mostly easter eggs and achivements, although we are still researching which approaches we should take. Below is an image describing the core loop and the retention loop.

Core LoopRetention Loop

As for the complete gameplay loop, Epic Tales of Codfish has 3 phases, with distinct minigames where the player can sucessfully finish them or not. In the event the player does successfully complete the minigames they progress the day, otherwise the day repeats. Below is an image describing the gameplay loop.

Gameplay Loop

As for the environment design, below are the developed thumbnails.

(Sea Environment)

Thumbnail Sea 2

Thumbnail Sea

(Bay Environment)

Thumbnail Bay

(House Interior Environment)

Thumbnail Living room

Our main character João also got updates, here are some sketches of him:

Joao fishing man cod pngJoao man sitting cod pngJoao standing man cod png

We also got updates on the mockup image!

Mockup 2

We are also posting the sound samples we developed in youtube shorts format :)

Below is the link to our youtube channel, our Instagram account, and our Twitter account. Do follow us, we post cool updates there :)

KiwiKiwiTeam's Youtube Channel

KiwiKiwiTeam's Instagram Account

KiwiKiwiTeam's Twitter Account

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