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The Protectors offers a wide variety of warlords-themed music. All the carefully orchestrated, highly rated, fantasy-battle OSTs from Warlods I-IV, Warlods Battlecry I-III and Puzzle Quest are organized in playlists for you to enjoy.

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We chose to use the original music in order to give you the feeling of playing a mod that belongs to this awesome series, because that is what we want The Protectors to be: a tribute to the Warlords Games. We wish to perfectly integrate our ideas in the lore while having a storyline, new characters that remind you of the original game etc. and we believe the immersive music sets the right mood.

ScreenshotsDedicated fans can find all of the beautiful music from the Series, from the first tracks launched in 1993 to the latest from the award winning game Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords in 2007. This is the novel feature that we bring to The Protectors: we know of no other mod that brings together the complete set of OST's from the Warlord Games, so if you're feeling nostalgic and want to listen to the great music but feel like trying a new set of stories in the Etherian universe, be sure to give The Protectors a try!

The soundtracks are organized in different playlists for each game and you can choose which one to listen by selecting "Options" from the Main Menu (see image above). There are 113 unique tracks in total and you can share your favorite with us by commenting on this article.

My favorites are composed by Marc Derell. Here's a sample:

Drums, violins, choir and other magical instruments are all masterfully directed to make you hunger for battle. Why wait? Download all tracks (.mp3 format) for free with the mod:


Complete list:
Warlords II (8 tracks)
Warlords II Deluxe (8 tracks)
Warlords III: Reign of Heroes (14 tracks)
Warlords III: Dark Lords Rising (15 tracks)
Warlords IV (9 tracks)
Warlords Battlecry I (8 tracks)
Warlords Battlecry I Classic (19 tracks)
Warlords Battlecry II (5 tracks)
Warlords Battlecry II Arabic Version (8 tracks)
Warlords Battlecry III (8 tracks)
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (12 tracks)
Patrick's Mix (45 tracks)
All in One (90 tracks)

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EPIC music!!

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