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Patch notes for Entodrive 0.84: +3 New Monsters +5 new items +New Location WIP +Salvage System Overview.

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What I've been working on :

Preview of the new location w/ music I've been working on for it :

What are these weird rocks?

Playing into the new mining mechanics added last week, I am going to make Entodrive that are only obtainable through mining. Here is a peak at 2 obtained through collecting specific mining items.
Bringing the corresponding mine items to their respective rocks will generate specific Entodrive at level 40. More updates on included Entodrive and mining guides coming in December.

Fiddleweaf - Floral - Upgrades to Reefmopper at level 50

Reefmopper - Floral / Magic

Dowshell - Aqua / Ore - Upgrades to Mortoise at level 50

Mortoise - Aqua / Ingot

New items :
Burning Heart


Frozen Core

Cosmic Core

Mystery Pineapple

How will bartering work?
NPCs will request specific combinations of salvageable items. Upon bringing them the NPC will swap out the salvage for a special item. These items will play into customizing your own server building that I'll share more about in December. This will mostly be a post game mechanic. I will eventually make it possible to hack salvage only monsters before beating the game.

What's coming next :

Travel on the SS Vector to a new location!
Time of Crisis Tie-in Event
More Items

Updated world map :

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