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Alpha 0.6 has been released. Here you can find the changes found in that release.

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Alpha 0.6 has been released. Here you can find the changes found in that release.


  • The most notable change is the slightly different look of the island. The lighting is different, and also the thick fog is back. The atmosphere has been tweaked to simulate a foggy nearly-nighttime environment. There are also a few new things to find on the island, and more stuff will be added later.
  • Some lighting and visual changes in the strip club level, and razor wire, to make it more unnerving. Likewise, fog has been added to the all of the levels, to create an eerie atmosphere.
  • There's a new area to explore on the island: the underground caves. Those caves are still a work in progress, but they deliver more info about the story.
  • Some doors in the abandoned house on the island can be opened, and you will find interesting things behind those doors as the development of the game progresses.
  • The church has a new area, a "numbers trap." Just like other traps, failing to solve this one equals death.
  • We changed the level progression a little bit. Now, you can't visit the Strip club level until you get a key to unlock it. Also, the underground caves need to be unlocked.
  • The totem near the beginning was moved to the beach. Also, there are new story logs near the beginning of the game to hint what's basically going on, as well as your ultimate goal in the game.
  • Final-quality characters are making it into Enola. The dead woman by the river, the twitching women, and many other corpses could be considered "final." Many characters are still not final and will be replaced later. Also, more characters with different outfits will also make it into the game in future versions.
  • The puzzle in the big cellar area in the strip club level has been changed a little, so it's easier to understand that you need 4 golden pieces to unlock it. Now, one of the pieces is already there, next to 3 empty spaces hinting you need 3 more of those pieces.
  • We're welcoming Studio Daisho as sound designers for Enola. They have been doing great job bringing the game audio to life. Some of those effects are already in the game, and more sound content will be added as the development progresses.
  • There is a lot more voice content. The goal is to add voices to every text log in the game, but most of those are still voice-less.
  • Bug fixes, and optimizations. You may still experience slow-downs from time to time (mostly on the island), but those will be fixed as the game reaches its final form and no more changes are made.
  • The game has a new cursor. The double-knife cursor will be the iconic cursor for all the interfaces in Enola.
  • The treasure boxes (save points) now emit a music tune to let you know when a treasure box is nearby.
  • You can check for updates from the launcher. If an update is available, you get a message so you can go to the site you got the game from (or the download client) and download the new build.


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