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It's finally here! Despite some big medical set backs this month we are ready to make the enhanced prototype available on here, Gamejolt and itch. This is still a prototype so don't expect perfection but we've been working really hard to get this to you all and hope you enjoy it! Changelog will be posted below with a further update to come about next steps and how you can help us to make this game better!

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This is STILL a prototype/pre-alpha version. Not everything will work perfectly and there are still some kinks being worked out. However, this update adds a much more representative build of what we want the game to become. We will shortly publish information on next changes, schedule and so on.

A CONTROLLER IS STILL REQUIRED. We are implementing mouse and keyboard controls however.


  • We have added a new UI, which makes keeping track of recipes and ingredients easier.
  • We have added new recipes and ingredients as well as several new devices.
  • Hat choices are now available. As is monetary and hat persistence.
  • An improved tutorial cut scene which sets the theme better.
  • NPCs who wander the town.
  • More tentacles!

*** CHANGES ***

  • Slightly larger town.
  • Limb projection changes should reduce anomalous behaviour.
  • Improved sound optimisation.
  • Changes to player-player force interaction.
  • Fishing success should be less misleading.


We are aware of the below and are working on opt

imisations and fixes currently.Sound, rendering and NPC colliders are NOT optimised well. We have set up the first stage of optimising these and this will come in an update soon.

  • Some devices, (We're looking at you Tubbo X1), can behave erratically. We're currently modifying the joints to fix this.
  • Player limbs can, under extreme circumstances, "break". In the event of erratic behaviour of this sort, please use the main menu to reset the relevant player. The frequency of this occurring will reduce as we optimise joints.
  • Fish oil smasher will sometimes smash through itself. You may need to exit and reload but we are fixing this shortly.
  • Fish mounting on the oil smasher plate is still a bit weird, also being addressed.
  • Climbing is still a bare bones prototype version. We will be publishing details on the proper climbing system implementation later. But to be clear, this is now how easy/unrealistic climbing will be in further updates.
  • NPC variety will be increased. We are also aware of an issue in which NPCs can spawn and skate, oh dear...
  • Carrying two unconscious NPCs at once can cause issues. Will be addressed shortly.
  • Boots on the Isle of Boots can sometimes escape, wreaking havoc. If this occurs, a restart will return them to their rightful place. These joints will be fixed shortly.
  • Not everything that should have a sound does.
  • Not everything that should have a particle impact does.

*** END ***

We hope you enjoy this update. We've been working really hard to get it to you and have been pulling really long days to do this. We will shortly be publishing some information on how you can help us as the game progresses. But for now, please enjoy and let us know what you think, what works and what does not!

Also please follow us on Twitter to get more regular smaller updates and gifs!

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