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A documentation of the enemies in Dark case. This is only information about the different zombies. How they look like and when they will spawn is not told here. The game won't be spoiled.

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A documentation of the enemies in Dark case. This is only information about the different enemies. A detaild explaination about their appearence and when they will spawn is not told here. The game won't be spoiled. This is only biographies of them.
The enemie models are not new and not created by me (credits goes to the original authors) but I decided to give them names and special abilitys as a part of the story (why I did that will be explained when you play the story).


Designed to be the perfect Assasin. His ability to talk is removed and he is also very thin and is therefor very quiet. It unfortunately affected his hearing as well and he can barely hear even the loudest of noises. His good eyesight weights up his bad sides however.

- Good eyesight
- Horrible hearing
- Weak/Medium damage
- Very quiet


His purpose was to become a super soldier who obey every order and doesn't feel pain. He lost his eyes in the process. He can, thanks to his good hearing and ability to sense the environment, still know where his targets are located pretty easily. He was considered a sucess.

- Good hearing
- Can locate enemies at a medium distance
- Medium/High damage


Infected by some sort of a muscle infection, he lost alot of strenght untill half his body was completely paralyzed. His paralyzed body on the other hand made it possible for the bloodblister to crawl into areas other enemies can't get into. He has a nasty ability to appear in odd situations but is most likely the weakest enemy.

- Ability to crawl around in small spaces
- Medium eyesight
- Medium hearing
- Weak damage


It is said that a young boy was bitten by a sick patient. He managed to escape but turned into the "infecter" shortly after. He is pretty easy to spot due to his mumbling.

- Medium good eyesight
- Medium good hearing
- Weak/Medium damage

Might be more to come and some of them might be changed. But this is what I got so far

SovietMentality - - 1,033 comments

I'm guessing the assassinator is the infected from penumbra hehe since he does have good eye sight and weakish damage....but in penumbra his hearing is also spectacular

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CheesyDeveloper Author
CheesyDeveloper - - 1,554 comments

Good guess but it's actually not the infected from penumbra. This one is, at least by my opinion, better to spot players at a closer distance than the infected. And this one is almost deaf. The infected one does have decently good hearing in Amnesia as well.

Also, the infected can "talk". The assasinator is not making a single sound (except for the terror meter sound)

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Vermicous - - 8 comments

Hey man, this sounds too good to be true :D Most likely a whole new game ;) But the bloodblister sounds a little bit like this Google.pt

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