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A little update on where we are with development, and some examples of Lorenzo's brilliant animations.

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While time constraints and other irritations are something we constantly have to battle with, development has been going pretty well. Act II of the game is completable in its placeholder state and just needs polishing now; we have a couple of puzzles we think are really going to have you scratching your head as you search for the answer, but will hopefully love once you have done. Sketches are already beginning to replace the placeholder backgrounds, and I'll ask Eric to start creating the music for this Act soon.

Act III is in early placeholder development. It will feature fewer locations and characters than the second, but with some complex puzzles to solve and bigger individual locations to explore.

To give you an idea of the excellent animations Lorenzo is creating for the game, feast your eyes on the two below:

Alien kids playing

Alien kid making models - any physical similarities o a certain Vulcan are purely intentional!

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