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Post news RSS End of campaign #174 and thet player stats, plus update coming

Upcoming campaign 175 but before that here are the stats of the outstanding players in the game and Patch cominf thursday here ae the particulars as well.

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tman TMAN

Hail to the Victors! Allies WIN Campaign 174. Congrats to the Allied forces on a great campaign victory! On Thursday we will be deploying our latest game patch see important information about this patch. Campaign 175 will start on Friday about 4:30 PM server time. We are letting you know about one game change coming in 175 and see the Top Players from 174...

Campaign 174 Ends - Allies Victorious

WWII Online NEWS ALERT FROM BBC London: After 25 days of hard fought ground the Allies captured 95% of the map and met victory conditions for the win of Campaign 174. In one respect the victory was different than other campaigns as the Allies never captured any of the 4 Axis factory towns. Capturing factory towns reduces the production of weapons and war materials by delaying resupply and usually leads to a more rapid conclusion as the defender loses the ability to match the enemy supply. The allies bypassed the Rotterdam area and drove east well into Germany before driving north and cutting off all remaining northern Axis forces. A risky endeavor as many Axis garrison towns remained in the rear to cause havoc and disruption. In the end, the Allies wrapped it up with huge win. Again congrats to the Allied High Command and the Allied player base. As we know, no two campaigns are alike so get ready for more action soon!

Top Players for Campaign 174


1. Cptzambie with 2,586 kills with a whopping 4,008 sorties - Great job!

2. Stoy - with 2,585 kills and 2,700 sorties.

3. N8 - with 2,194 kills and 2,046 sorties.


1. Doctorit2 - with 644 captures in 1,352 sorties - Great job!

2. Sgthenning with 568 captures and 2,238 sorties.

3. D0c7 with 481 captures and 2,020 sorties.


1. Zippy with 346 kills and only 38 deaths - Great job!

2. Halsey with 258 kills and only 52 deaths

3. Panda1k with 218 kills and 56 deaths.


1. Actonman and his 2nd account Actonmaniac logged 504 trucker missions in the last campaign far eclipsing the next highest who is the Allied Commander in Chief (CinC) Jwrona who has 299 trucker missions. A thankless mission and duty but necessary for any side to advance. A reminder, DO YOUR SHARE OF TRUCKING... Tow guns and drive FMS's to targets.

Finally, a hat tip to the Allied FB players. A small of team of them kept most FB's allied for the entire campaign. An under recognized accomplishment so S!

Campaign 175

No rest for the weary.... Campaign 175 will start Friday, August 14, 2020 at about 4:30 PM server time (PST). Axis High Command members are meeting by Zoom conference on Thursday evening and the Allied High Command will meet one hour before campaign start on Friday. The senior commands of both sides remain the same. The Axis CinC is Googs and the Allied CinC is Jwrona.

Note a game change for new Campaign:

Side lock timers are changing from 15 minutes to 1 hour. This means if you wish to change sides between missions you will be locked out from one side to the other side for an hour.

Game Patch Coming on Thursday, August 12th

Tomorrow, Thursday August 12, 2020 at 8:00 AM server time the servers will be brought down to patch This patch will not require a full install but you can always do one if you feel more comfortable. We are expecting minimal down time.

Here is the Readme for Thursday's patch:

World War II Online
Version - August 2020

This release consists of many updates and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

- Corrected the Daimler driver to be counted as a critical hit

- Fixed the issue causing vehicle hulks to disappear immediately

- Fixed the problem that allowed 20mm AP rounds to kill Churchill tanks

- Repaired the Sdkfz 7/36 SPAA hitmap to conform with the crew members

- Corrected an issue that was causing propeller spinners to disappear

- Numerous terrain issues and tweaks have been made to correct terrain anomalies

- The riding positions for the Morris has been fixed

- Fixed a clipping issue in four different buildings

- Corrected the issue causing the PaK36 to slide down a hill

- The red ammo counter lights within the 109F2, 109F4 and 109G have been corrected to show for the proper weapons


- All water shaders have been updated to represent better looking water

Video by Hyo of water shaders

- Crew members for the M1, 6-Pdr and PaK38 have been updated with newer models

- Updated a bunch of different unit images within the unit selection menu

- Multiple building textures have been updated with higher resolution textures

- The initial game splash screen has been updated to an updated version of the 1.17 style

- The FlaK38 model has been updated to a more realistic model

- The Infantry Field of View (FOV) has been increased in order to allow for better situational awareness

- The sounds for MG17 and MGFF weapons has been updated

- Some grass textures now render more smoothly as you approach them

- The barriers at some rivers has been removed to allow for larger ships to go up rivers

- Chain linked fences near docks have been updated to allow for players to shoot through it

- New bunkers have been added to Dinant, Schilde, Grobbendonk, Leuven, Namur, Verdun, Longwy, Ramet, Tielt and Vlissingen

- Translations have been updated for the recent changes

- The FW190 ammo counters have been updated to show for only cannon weapons

- Updated aircraft component damage levels to better achieve more realistic values and functionality

New Content

- Added an "Airbored" picture to a bunker

S! Cornered Rat Software

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