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Today we're gonna talk about Emotes and relationships in the game, and how important it is in Genesis' Gameplay.

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Emotes and relationships:


In Genesis, we wanted to make the players as close as possible, and we found a really interesting system called: Relationship system.

First of all, let me introduce you the system of Health gauges.

Health Gauges:

Health gauges are gauges that tell about multiple factors of your character's feelings and state. As you can have in The Sims, they tell about your: Hunger, Thirst, Temperature, Endurance, Social life But also your character's Mood and Knowledge.

Theses gauges are calculated from 100 to 0, a full one means that the state is good, while an empty one means that this aspect of your character is in a really bad shape.
Some Health gauges have sub-gauges: The Social gauge have as a sub-gauge, the relationship gauge.

Social gauge:

The social gauge reflect your character's need of interacting with people (players or NPCs). As the others, this gauge goes from 100 to 0 and is going down by 0.75 per minute. Further more, it has an impact on the mood gauge and the relationship gauge. This gauge grows when you interact with players and NPCs. Using emotes and being subject to emotes are the only ways of making your social gauge rising. All the parameters are described on emotes' effects.

Relationship gauge:

This sub-gauge is special because each player have a relationship gauge linked to each players/NPCs in the game, meaning that with each other players/NPCs comes a new relationship gauge. These gauges are visible in the character's profile panel. This gauge is impacted by the Social gauge, the mood gauge and in some cases on the knowledge gauge. From 100 to 0, it reflect the relationship you have with someone, this gauge is fixed and changes only when you interact with someone (no constant degeneration).

How is it made:
There are a lot of facts that interact with the relationship gauge, a the most important is the way you interact with the other character. Interactions between players are mostly made by using emotes.


Emotes replace Competences and spells in the competence bar that we can find in every MMORPGs. Thus the interface propose a "Competence bar" called "Social interaction Bar". In stead of finding Competences in it you find Emotes.
Emotes if you don't know are animations for characters to translate emotions.
Emotes, as competences in most of MMORPGs, have effects and impact on other players. Exactly as competences you have to select a target before clicking on the emote you want to activate.


Effects are different depending on the emote, but most of the time each emote propose at least 3 effects:

  • Relationship effect: A percentage that will have an impact on mutual relationship gauge.
  • Social gauge effect: A percentage that gives to you and/or your target a bonus to their social gauge.
  • Mood gauge effect: A percentage that gives to you and/or your target a bonus or a negative impact on their mood gauge.

NPCs interactions:

Emotes are also the new way of speaking and interact with NPCs. Clicking on them won't start a conversation, but targeting the NPC and saying "Hi!" will start it, opening new menus in the conversation can also be controlled by emotes. For example, the emote "Bargaining." opens the exchange panel. And "Thanks!" or "Bye!" closes the conversation.

List of Emotes:

  • Hi!
  • Stop it!
  • Wait.
  • Sit.
  • Thanks.
  • Bargaining.
  • Bye.
  • Talk.
  • How are you?
  • Forget it!
  • Come at me!
  • Stupid...
  • No.
  • Yes.
  • Please!
  • Let's go.
  • Follow me.
  • Help!
  • Need help?
  • What?
  • No way!
  • Good.
  • Ok.
  • Dance.
  • Beg.
  • Clap.
  • Laugh.
  • Roar!
  • Bow.
  • Cheer.
  • Cry.
  • Cower!
  • Kneel.
  • Point.
  • Ponder.
  • Shrug.
  • Sleep.
  • Surprised.
  • Boo!

(The list can be expand)

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