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An overview of the patch notes for the new build of Emberlight on Steam.

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  • Updated Patch Notes for June 9
    - To potentially resolve issues with targeting, the previous target is saved at the end of every player turn (with the exception of a player that is currently confused or charmed). After AI takes their turns, the targeted unit will revert back to whichever target the player had selected before if they are still alive. This way if you are focusing on a unit, you will not need to reselect a target until they're dead.
    - Updated encyclopedia to have entries for all sections. Some areas are still WIP until final lines are in.
    - Removed speed run in options. This is now the default speed of play to help speed up game flow. Will revisit in the future.
    - Added more final assets to fill out remaining rooms.
    - Raised the ladder on the path down from the surface boss fight to make that prop more apparent to enter next level.
    - Updated effect around ladder.
    - Updated base attack effect prefabs.
    - Resolved issue where projectiles attached to skills were getting stuck or resetting with final assets.
    - Updated some more unfinished Rooms, still a WiP
    - Did some adjustments to Templates but needs another pass due to some bad data causing crashes.
    - Added a potential fix for the delay to projectiles going off that should speed things up.
    - Quick pass on the rooms recently finished by Xyla to ensure they were aligned with Templates.
    - Finished all the final VFX.
    - Fixed errors in Templates. Running fine now.

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