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So we reach week 6, checkout what happened in this weeks update below.

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This week's been quite different, we've gained two new team members, and decided to scrap the level we've got, and give it a second shot. M3ales is also rewriting all the scripts hes done, so you could almost call it a restart xD.

Anyway Welcome to our two new team members! Endlessillusion and johnnydwicked! We'd also like to remind you that we're looking for a Concept Artist, as our current artist has left due to RL issues.
Here's something else she did:

Concept Artist Leaving

Check out the 'cast below.

Written by M3ales


Having an audio update with the concept was a nice touch.

It is kind of hard to hear what is being said from the guy who spoke first. I would suggest picking up a new headset or adjusting your setting for the next recording. It really does spoil an other wise great update.

Also I like the concept art, it feel like he has character and a story to tell.

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Might be able to help you with the concept art. But I'm a complete newb. If your desperate I'll show you what I've done before and you can judge for yourself.

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M3ales Author

Hey sure, just send me a pm with some links ;)

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