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Back to the drawing board! A check-in about the state of the mod

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Darkfire alpha

Hello everyone!

I've got bad news and 2 good news this time. Make sure to stick to the end, there's some really exciting stuff there!

Let's start with the bad news. Quite a long time ago I realised that I drastically underestimated the scale which Eldritch Cove would turn out to have;

At the moment I have made about 8 maps, but most of them don't progress the story. Which means that I did a lot of work which didn't really push the mod closer to it's completion.

Now, in order to avoid repeating that mistake, I have to figure out the story in it's entirety, and shift it's focus towards the already made maps.

The first good news is that today I sat down to compile all my story notes and tidbits, and something magical happened - a big part of the lore which previously caused me a lot of trouble... just clicked together! This means that I have a big chunk of thinking out of the way, and I can focus on fleshing out the characters for now.

Second good news:
I figured out an insane way to put secrets into the game. Not hiding things in the levels, but using some unique features of the Amnesia engine. Something which you have never seen before.

That's it from me today. I'm extremely excited for what is to come, and I hope that you are too!

PS. The mod is still a long way down the line, so you can go and play my previous Custom Story in the meantime:


i played sdp in the meantimm... what now???

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