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Take a sneak peak of the tech behind Eco's new lighting system. New screenshots and video also a small teaser of Eco's gameplay before the release of the official trailer.

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Volumetric Lighting.

Volumetric lighting is a key feature of Eco as most of the game revolves around light and the ability to charge Eco from light sources around the house. To make this work well within the game the light had to be visible even if the player is unable to see the light source or anything the light might be casting on.

Distance based soft shadows.

Getting shadows to look great within Eco has been no easy task for me. So far the shadows are rendering as I would like. in the real-world shadows appears softer the further it gets from the shadow caster so I have implemented this within Eco giving it distanced based soft shadows.


Screen One

Advanced Particle System.

To get the most out of Unity's particle system I have had to code in some additional features such has particle lights and volumetrics. Rendering particles this way allows me to create light sources from sparks and fireflies giving Eco even more light sources to charge from.

Particle light also work with real-time global illumination allowing me to light a scene from particles alone.



Individually lit and shadowed particles.

Particles are one of the main focal points for many visual effects and it would be almost impossible to find a game not using them. I wanted to make sure that all particles in Eco rendered as close to real as possible.

By creating a new particle shader that is lit by ever light in the scene dust and water is only visible if in direct light or is picking up light from light probes around the scene.


The Lighting Behind Eco.

This short video shows off everything in this article.

Thanks for the support so far I do read everyone's comments and try to message back as soon as I can.



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ReversedInteractive Author

Thanks :)

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This sounds great ,will keep watching for a release :)

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