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Post news RSS Echo #47: Get ready for beta

This week I was working on stuff that is not interesting to write about, so instead I'm going to evaluate current status of the game.

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I am almost done with the graphical update and that means Sector Six is going to enter beta soon! And this is with what the game will enter it...

Music: 95%
Left to do: Implement two tracks.

Sound effects: 80%
Left to do: Some sound effects could be replaced with better ones.

Graphics: 90%
Left to do: I'll think of something.

Interfaces: 85%
Left to do: Map interface rework, avatar customization.

Combat: 40%
Left to do: Chaos mechanic, 12 abilities per class, 4 classes, unleashed ability effects, passive abilities, modified enemies.

Spaceship building: 70%
Left to do: Part set effects, more part properties, calibrating, item stacking, part filtering.

Region missions: 20%
Left to do: More mission types.

Region bosses: 25%
Left to do: More bosses.

Region enemies: 40%
Left to do: More enemies.

Story missions: 10%
Left to do: 30 story missions?

Story bosses: 0%
Left to do: The Machines: Astrail, Numinor, Hivind, Ourend, ???, ???, Ligwitch, Malasmor.

Achievements: 20%
Left to do: More achievements

Features: 40%
Left to do: Shops, secure regions, modular difficulty system, crafting system, the Router, endgame, controller support, local co-op mode.

Total: 48%
Beta: 2016 August
Full release: 2017?

Core of the game is done, Sector Six will no longer drastically change.
Almost all upcoming updates will be content updates!

Get ready to fight the Machines, get ready to make game ten times harder, get ready to craft quad weapons, get ready to master goliath and nomad classes, get ready to enter mysterious regions outside borders through the Router...

Get ready for beta!



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